The world’s ‘Fastest’ ATM

In India, it has long been possible to have cash delivered. But it involves informal networks, tuk-tuk drivers and lots and lots of insecurity. A bank in Poland is taking this on-demand lifestyle to the next level, however, by offering its customers the ability to order money by summoning an all-electric BMW i3 with built-in ATM to the door.

It might sound a bit lazy, but the real purpose is to benefit Polish entrepreneurs and business operators, 80% of whom make nightly cash deposits, with half of them doing so after dark. Anyone making that after-hours trip to the deposit slot knows its a hassle at best, and dangerous at worst.

The idea might be nothing more than a mobile McDonald’s Happy Meal for car-jackers, but look at it this way: The car is unsellable, and the cash (being protected with gluefusion technology) is unstealable. The deposit is also credited instantly.

One to watch.