The ATM (Automated Teller Machine) Appreciation Society


We the People, being members of that honourable and just society that so appreciates the Automated Teller Machine — sometimes referred to as the ‘Cash Machine’ — and all its works, that, in order to form a more Perfect understanding, promote the general Benefit to society, protect the inalienable right of equal access to cash for all, and securing the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity in pursuit of full financial inclusion, do ordain and establish the following:

Recognising the risks of a cashless society
Knowing the history and value of physical currency (cash)
Understanding the role played by the ATM in society
Aware of the role played by the ATM when responding to disaster
And realising the benefits of financial inclusion, even in the remotest parts of the world
And Believe:

ATMs are unjustly maligned, and that life would be more of a pain than it already is if they weren’t everywhere, and we didn’t have access to them every day

ATMs are financial poetry, and should be universally accessible to all regardless of faith, colour, creed, caste, stature, sexual orientation or any other discriminator

The ‘cashless society’ mentality should be contested wherever it is found on the basis that no-one has the right to artificially constrain our inalienable right to choose the option most appropriate to our circumstances

It is our obligation not to enrich private enterprise disproportionately at the expense of the poorest in society

Access to ATMs, being the ultimate expression of freedom, choice, and financial independence, is fundamental to reducing poverty worldwide

The ATM has a crucial role to play in combating financial exclusion and enhancing financial inclusion


Look up. Lean in. Marvel at the technology. Don’t take the ATM for granted. And remind yourself every time you see one THAT A CASHLESS SOCIETY IS NO SOCIETY AT ALL.