ATM Appreciation Society
Key Facts


  • Roughly 8.6 billion cash withdrawals are made every month around the world. This equates to around 100 billion transactions every year … a volume which is forecast to reach 128 billion by the year 2020.
  • ATMs dispense a total of $14.1 trillion in cash every year. This equates to almost half-a-million dollars ($450,000) every second.
  • The average European ATM serves 1,220 different customers, whose average withdrawal is €122.
  • In Europe, an average of €2,562,000 is dispensed per machine per year.
  • In the US, a bank ATM averages more than 7,000 transactions per month. This is slightly higher than in Europe where an average ATM conducts 197 transactions every 24 hrs.
  • The average consumer uses an ATM 75 times per year i.e a little more than once per week.
  • There are over 3.2 million ATMs worldwide, with another being added every three minutes.
  • The record for the number of ATM transactions per month is held by Barclays’ branch in Camden Town, London with 26,528 made in April 1998, of which 18,500 were made over the three-day Easter weekend.
  • The record for the amount of cash disbursed in one month is held by a Barclays ATM located at Terminal 3, Heathrow Airport in London at £1,605,890 (nearly $2 million) in April 1998.
  • $1 million in $100 dollar bills weighs 20.5 lbs or just under 10 kgs.
  • There is an estimated $5 trillion in currency circulating the globe.
  • A typical wall-mounted ATM houses 18 different modules comprising a total of approximately 11,000 working parts.
  • A modern ATM uses more computing power than was available to NASA at the time of the first Moon landings.
  • There are 360 billion banknotes in circulation, with 150 billion new ones printed each year. The US prints 38 million dollar bills every day.