The world’s ‘Most Totalitarian’ ATM

Late last year, in a blaze of publicity, North Korea installed its first ever ATM. Sadly, however, it didn’t work as someone forgot to hook it up to the bank’s server. (Given that there is only one bank in North Korea, this can be considered something of an elementary error.)

A few weeks ago, they tried again. But it didn’t work this time either … because sanctions meant the bank had no money.

Try explaining that to Kim Jong un, the country’s totalitarian despot, especially when you recall that the last guy who displeased him was put before a firing squad … with an anti-aircraft gun.

But perhaps it doesn’t matter all that much as both ATMs are located at Pyongyang airport’s international arrivals hall where the latest round of sanctions have ensured there are no tourists anyway, and everyone else is either testing nukes or rehearsing how to get to the bunkers.

But at least the ATMs are plugged in now, even if they are empty.

[Picture: Associated Press]
[With thanks to: The New Zealand Herald]
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